Why Printing Industries Training?

10 Reasons to Choose Printing Industries of America for Custom Training

10. We Walk the Walk. Virtually all our instructors have paid their industry dues in production and supervisory jobs. And at Printing Industries of America they further refine their knowledge of the industry and its processes by consulting with printers across the world, performing graphic arts research, or working in Printing Industries of America's state-of-the-art production facility.

9. We’ve Been Trained. Not only have the instructors had professional training in presentation skills, but they’ve honed those skills by delivering dozens of seminars each year. It amounts to a terrific combination of practical knowledge, and knowing how to convey it.

8. Resources, resources, resources! Printing Industries of America is designed to provide the information, tools, and support for best practices so that you can achieve the best results from our training. That means if there is an ideal book to support training we’ll recommend it or package it with the training. And not just books, we also have the products and services to systematically address your needs.

7. Third Shift in Dubuque. Simply put, we’ll do the training when and where you need it. Custom training for printing companies is most often done on-site. Need us to adjust the schedule to accommodate different shifts? We’ve done it many times before!

6. Don’t Take Our Word for It. Printing Industries of America conducts dozens of custom programs each year, including sessions for the largest and most discriminating companies in the industry. Programs range from training sales reps in the technical intricacies of printing to helping operators improve quality and drive waste and cost out of the process. Want to talk to some of the people we’ve done training for? We’d be happy to arrange it.

5. Stretch Your Budget. Train an entire group, whole departments even, and save. Save the cost of travel by only paying for the instructor’s expenses to get to you. If you choose training at Printing Industries of America, your staff will utilize both classroom and lab facilities that take advantage of our state-of-the-art production facility – pricey to duplicate at your facility.

4. Dissatisfaction Not Tolerated. For the over 80 years Printing Industries of America has maintained its reputation as the industry’s leading resource for technical information and services by satisfying members and clients. Nothing has changed—we’ll do what it takes to provide excellent value for your training investment.

3. Learn by Doing. Do your people need practice creating proper PDF files, preflighting and proofing files, or measuring color? The experience of running a press side-by-side with Printing Industries of America operators teaches operator fundamentals and process variables like no lecture can. We can even use our press simulation software to create common press problems, then teach attendees how to diagnose and correct them.

2. We’re Connected. Our instructors have the benefit of talking to printers every day, getting briefings on new products from manufacturers, and seeing first-hand how technology performs in practice. When we recommend something, it’s because we know it works, not because it sounds good in theory.

1. For You and Only You. Our responsibility is to tailor training to your specific needs, and that’s precisely what we do. We find out your objectives, and work together as we develop and adjust content to meet them. Clients receive an evaluation summary with our self-critical thoughts for improvement should the program be repeated.

For more information and to schedule a consultation, contact Printing Industries of America at 1-800-910-4283 x710, or by clicking here.

Published on Monday, November 22, 2010 (updated 06/03/2016)